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[人教版九年级下册英语课文翻译]人教版九年级下册英语Unit10 SectionB 2部分课文翻译[人教版九年级下册英语课文翻译]人教版九年级下册英语Unit10 SectionB 2部分课文翻译教育论文论文大全

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12a 部分翻译

What do you know about customs in foreign countries? What do you think is the biggest challenge when visiting a foreign country?


e.g. My cousin went to America, and she said that learning basic table

manners was her biggest ch.allenge. She never knew what she was supposed to do at the dinner table.


22b 部分翻译

Read the letter and answer the questions.


1.Why is Lin Yue in France?


2.Does she enjoy staying with her host family? How do you know?


3.How does she feel about making mistakes when she speaks French?


4.What is the biggest challenge she i湖南癫痫病哪里能看好s facing?




Taking notes or summarizing the main ideas can help you move language from your shortterm to long-term memory.


Dear Laura,


Thanks for your message. Yes, I\'m having a great time on my student exchange program in France. I was a bit nervous before I arrived here, but there was no reason to be. My host familyis really nice. They go out oftheir way to make me feel at home. rlhe grandmotheryknows that I miss Chinese food a lot. So she actuall learned how to make Chinese food! She also has a teenage granddaughter about my age who is really kind. She always talks to me in French to help me practice. You wouldn\'t believe how quickly my French has improved because ofthat. I\'m very comfortable speaking French noyw. Although I still make lots ofmistakes, it doesn\'t worry me as it used to.


My biggest challenge is learning how to behave at the dinner table. As you can imagine, things are very different from the way they are at home. For example, you\'re not supposed to put your bread on your plate. You\'re supposed to put it on the table! I thought that was pretty strange at first, but now I\'m used to it.Another example is that you\'re not supposed to eat anything with your hands except bread, not even fruit. You have to cut it up and eat it with a fork. Another thing is that it is impolite to say you\'re full. Ifyou don\'t want any more food, you should just say, \"That was delicious.\" Also, you re not supposed to put your elbows on the table. I have to say that I find it di佑cult to remember everything, but I\'m gradually getting used to it. I don\'t find French customs so strange anymore.


I\'ll write again soon and tell you more about mylife in France. Hope you\'re having a good school year.




Lin Yue


32c 部分翻译

Read the sentences and replace the underlined words with the phrasesinthe box.


went out of their way 特地;格外努力

be comfortable (doing)(做某事)感到轻松自如

gradually gotten used to being (something)逐渐习惯于做(某事)

worrv (someone)困扰(某人)

1.Making mistakes in French used to make Lin Yue nervous.


2.It was quite hard for her to feel good about speaking French


3.T哈尔滨治疗癫痫的医院怎么样he host family tried very hard to help Lin Yue.


4.Lin Yue has slowly learned how to be like her French friends.


42d 部分翻译

Review the passage and make notes about French customs in the chart.


52e 部分翻译

Compare the table manners in France and China in your group. How are they the same or different? Make a list.


e. g.ln France,people put their bread on the table. But in China, we always put our food on a plate or in a bowl. We never put food on the table.


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